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This is one of those "oops" moments.

This piece was originally supposed to be a spaghetti bowl! When I opened the kiln and saw a huge hole and enormous bubble, I was so bummed.   As I kept looking at it, the image of bacon and eggs kept coming into my head.  So I made some toast, a pad of butter and three bacon strips - voila breakfast! 


         Good Morning Sunshine

Satisfied Cat

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Polar Bear and Fox or Night and Day

Totally adorable!   Rie Munoz was a brilliant Alaskan artist whose 

paintings are warm and fanciful, reflecting the day-to-day activities of Alaskans and their environs.  

This is a favorite of my daughter's who asked me to do a glass interpretation to hang alongside her original poster of same.  

Pouncing Cat

Playful Snowman


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